President's Message

Closer to Nature, Closer to People


In response to growing concern about human health and global ecology, we are urged to take radical measures to sustain the planet’s ecosystem. Meanwhile, our society is changing constantly and rapidly, something that calls for long-term initiatives to address complex social problems. In addition to national and local governments, private companies and individuals must also address these challenges, which entails a radical review of their missions and lifestyles.

In other words, companies are reevaluating their existing value in society. Individuals are asked to pursue new lifestyles, which will ensure a better future for succeeding generations. In quest of both, I believe that both companies and individuals will discover that there are some things that are valuable and basically unchanging, regardless of the social changes.

In this context, Shimano must also define its corporate mission even more clearly and envision even more concretely our contribution to society and to future generations.

To date, Shimano has been supplying various “Captivating Products,” created through the fusion of our technologies and “human touch”. In developing our products, we have been seeking ideal ways to link people with nature.

In developing a bicycle component, for instance, we imagine a cycling scene, where riders feel like pedaling more slowly to enjoy the singing birds and cool breeze even more thoroughly. In developing fishing tackle, we imagine a moment when anglers feel like communicating with a fish, responding to its subtle pull. Shimano will concentrate our efforts in developing products that will help people enjoy interactive communication with nature.

From our founder, we have inherited an enthusiastic commitment to producing high-quality and reliable products.

Towards our centennial and further into the future, we will continue to supply “captivating products” to further develop Shimano as a value creating company, and to contribute to the promotion of the bicycle and sports fishing cultures.