Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

“To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.” Upholding this motto, and based on our common recognition that preserving local and global environments is our utmost priority, all Team Shimano members commit to environmental preservation activities in compliance with our Environmental Action Guidelines.

Environmental Action Guidelines

1. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

We will faithfully observe international environmental regulations and codes worldwide; relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances of countries and municipalities concerned; and other requirements.

2. Establishment of environmental management systems and their continual improvement

We will build environmental management systems, set targets for reducing environmental impacts, monitor progress of our environmental measures, and review and revise these systems whenever it is necessary.

3. Reduction of environmental impacts and preventing pollution

In thorough consideration of environmental impacts caused by our business activities, we will take the following measures:

(1) Involving all employees in energy conservation campaigns
(2) Cutting CO2 emissions
(3) Preventing air, water, soil and other pollutions
(4) Preventing noise and vibration pollutions
(5) Promoting proper waste management
(6) Developing eco-friendly products and technologies
(7) Reinforcing control of chemical substances under the Shimano Green Plan

4. Partnerships with communities

As a corporate citizen of both global and local communities, we will support environmental campaigns by communities concerned, and encourage our employees to participate in such campaigns.

5. Education and public relation activities

We will promote Shimano’s Environmental Policy to all employees of Shimano and employees of our suppliers and other related companies. In addition, we will disclose our activities and their results to shareholders, customers, communities and international society.

6. Programs-outside Japan

We will ensure that all our activities outside Japan will comply with environmental laws and regulations of the countries concerned, and work to protect the environments of those respective countries.